Add-on Packs for WiFi-Korea Customers

For travlerers renting WiFi-Korea's pocket Hotspot WiFi egg, WiFi-Korea offers Add-on packs to help our customers maximize the use of our service. Power Pack help ours customers make a better use of our service and their electronics goods, and Call Pack offers sufficient call plans in and out of Korea.

Call Pack - EG Prepaid SIM only for WiFi-Korea Customers
(40~70 min domestic & international calls + 100 MB Data)

Under the partnership with EverGreen Mobile (EG Mobile), WiFi-Korea designed prepaid SIM tailored for our customers' needs at a lower price. Call and book your hotel and hostel in Korea, or call your friends and family in your country. WiFi-Korea's EG SIM is a perfect compliment for our mobile hotspot egg rental service, and it will give you complete set of options to stay connected in Korea.

Standard/Micro : USD $16.99
Nano (iPhone5,6) : USD $19.99

Outbound Call : 40~70 Min
Receiving Call : Unlimited
Data : 100 MB

1. Contact your mobile service provider and unlock your mobiles before using SIM.
2. This plan is developed for WiFi-Korea Customers, but please contact EG for customer supports.
3. Find out more about how to use EG SIM card here.

Credits included in the SIM

DATA : 100 Mb

Network : 3G (Speed up to 10 Mbps)

Calls : KRW 11,000 credit

Outbound : 40~70 min international or domestic calls
Receiving calls : Unlimited (Free of Charge)

Call Rates

WiFi-Korea's EG prepaid SIM offers very reasonable call rates in and out of Korea.

Calling Rates Charges Duration

Domestic Calls 240 KRW / Min 46 Min

International Calls Charges Duration
USA 150 KRW / Min 73 Min
China 150 KRW / Min 73 Min
Singapore 215 KRW / Min 51 Min
Hong Kong 145 KRW / Min 76 Min
Malaysia 190 KRW / Min 58 Min
Thailand 155 KRW / Min 71 Min
Canada 150 KRW / Min 73 Min
* You can check more information on EG SIM card.

Power Pack - Make the most of Service
(External Battery + Travel Adapter)

Boost the battery life of WiFi-Korea's portable hotspot, and utlize your personal gadget. Power Pack helps you connected at all time and helps you use electoric device from home.

Daily : USD $0.88
Monthly : USD $15.5

External battery

Manufacturer : LG / Sony
Capacity : 3000mAh
Size : 100 x 58 x 13 mm / 39 x 99 x 19 mm

Travel Multi Adapter

Usable for plugs of all kinds
Size : 60 x 45 x 57 mm
* It doesn't convert voltage