Terms and Conditions

A. WiFi-Korea rental products include portable WiFi router body, battery charger, USB cable, WiFi-Korea pouch, external battery (optional) and travel power adapter (optional).

B. The rental products must only be used for personal use of the borrower and must not be sold or rented to any unauthorized personnel. All rental products must be used only for legitimate and legal purposes.

C. This rental agreement becomes effective once WiFi-Korea receives reservation from the customer.

D. Each rental product line has its data amount prepaid at the time the payment is made, and all customers are responsible for extra usage of data. The pertinent information is stipulated on WiFi-Korea website.

E. WiFi-Korea does not guarantee the speed or data traffic condition. Please be noticed that the speed on the website is based on best effort.

F. The cancellation of reservation must be made before 12:00 KST three business days before the first day of rental period to receive full refund. Any cancellation made later than the time, customers will be penalized up to 10 USD from the rental cost. For customers using delivery services will be charged 10 USD to compensate WiFi-Korea’s prepaid postal expense.

G. There is 100 USD deposit for each package of the router. The deposit is refundable upon the arrival of the package back to WiFi-Korea rental office.

H. In case customers do not show up at the appointed pick up location without prior notice to WiFi-Korea, customers will lose entire rental cost including delivery fees, and deposit will be returned to the customer immediately.

I. All customers are obliged to report any loss or damage on the rental products to WiFi-Korea. In case of loss or damage to the rental products caused by customer's negligence within the rental period, the customer's deposit will be deducted and the additional cost can be charged to the customer in accordance with the value of components lost or damaged. The value of each component is as follows;

Portable WiFi router body 150 USD, battery charger 10 USD, USB cable 10 USD, WiFi-Korea pouch 10 USD, external battery 30 USD, and travel power adapter 10 USD.

J. The rental period is based on the number of dates so pick up and return days are included in the period. Examples on rental periods are as follow;

Example of 1 day rental: pick up in the morning and return by the midnight.
Example of 2 day rental: pick up and return by the next day midnight.

K. All customers are required to return rental products as instructed by Midnight of the last day of rental period. Ten USD of daily charge can be applied for late returns up to ten days. If any damage is inflicted to the equipment upon inappropriate return, customers will be charged the amount stipulated in the article I.

L. Early bird promotion

Promotion Terms and Conditions
Early bird discount is valid for reservations and pick up date through 31 December 2016, and this discount promotion cannot be used or combined with other offers, promotions and discount. Early bird discount is subject to change and WiFi-Korea may change, extend or terminate this discount promotion anytime at its full discretion.

All Early bird discount reservations must be made and booked at least 1 calendar month in advance of Pick up date. In case a customer intentionally or unintentionally makes a reservation under Early bird discount when the Pick up date is no farther than a month away from the date of reservation, the discounted amount will be billed along with a deposit, and the terms of Early bird discount will be applied to such reservations.

Non refundable
All Early bird discount reservations are final and require full prepayment for the entire reservation at time of booking. Payment is non-refundable. No refunds if cancelled or changed. Once a reservation is confirmed, your credit card will be charged at the time of reservation, regardless of whether or not the reservation is used.

Amendment of Reservation
All Early bird discount reservations can be amended with an amendment fee of 5 USD. Amendment is limited to amendment in Pick up date only, and notified at least 5 business days prior to the Pick up date. In the case of reservation extension, it will be charged at our usual rates. In the case of early return, no refunds will be issued.

Deposit Payment
All Early bird discount reservations require a Deposit payment online (100 USD per device) to finalise and confirm the reservation, 2 weeks prior to the Pick up date as per reservation. In case that the Deposit payment is not completed by the five business days before the Pick up date, the reservation will be cancelled and the rental cost paid will be forfeited.

M. WiFi-Korea is not to be held accountable for damage or loss resulting for incidents such as war, terrorism, riot, labor strike, production cancellation, fire, volcano eruption, earthquake or energy trouble.

N. This agreement applies based on Korean legal system.